about hannah

Hockey writer and player evaluator. Healthcare content creator and strategist. Amateur photographer and graphic designer. I wear many hats, and I am forever looking to add to my collection.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.12.38 PM.pngFinding a fresh way to elicit an emotional response in a reader is my goal every time I sit down to create a new piece of content. In hockey, that could be anything from finding a heartwarming angle on a prospect profile to whipping up fans’ ire by breaking down inconsistencies in their coach’s system. In healthcare content, it usually looks like an empathy-arousing patient profile or an outline of just how that new piece of equipment the hospital purchased is going to benefit the community.

I am a self-starter who works best in a collaborative team environment. My strengths lie in content creation, emotional intelligence, creative writing, and finding a way to push through boundaries to get the job done (or, in more boring terms, strategic problem solving).

My passion drives my work, and I probably do my best work under the pressure of a deadline. I’d love for you to give me one.